If You're an Elite Dangerous Fan, You Need to Try Conan Exiles

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They're Both Games of Survival

Elite: Dangerous and Conan Exiles are both survival games. Regardless of their significantly divergent environments and survival obstacles, ED and Conan both require a certain set skills to stay alive in harsh, unforgiving environments.

It seems that, in fact, Conan is even more demanding on its players due to the sheer amount of different challenges presented at any one time, such as harsh environments, ferocious natural obstacles, ancient warriors, and even mysterious creatures occupying endless dungeons.

In Elite: Dangerous, survival is all about maintaining your ship and your wallet, avoiding nasty pirates, and keeping relationships with system factions. Ships can be burned while jumping out of hyperspace -- if you're too close to the star -- players can be attacked by pirates or other players, or they can die in space due to the lack of fuel in their ships...

Both games are hard, and ED players might just like the challenge Conan presents. 

Published Feb. 25th 2017

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