Injustice (Mobile) - Darkseid Challenge Mode

One of the Justice League's most powerful adversaries arrives in Injustice.

NetherRealms Studios is about to offer up their first EXCLUSIVE character for their Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile app - and it's a doozy.

If you've read any Justice League comic in the past 40 years or watched any of the animated Justice League series, then DARKSEID is a familiar face to you. This merciless alien dictator will stop at nothing to rule the universe.

"I Am Many Things... Here, I am God!"

Darkseid CardAnd now, players of the Injustice iOS mobile app will have a chance to put Darkseid in charge of their minions. In addition to his Omega Beams, this villain also has a powerful passive ability.

Empower Minions grants any Bronze Level characters on your team 3x their health! This would make many Bronze level characters, especially Elite ones, tougher than many Silver level characters.

Wage War

You must complete 63 battles against increasingly challenging opposition. You pay for each battle with Challenge Currency and you start with 25 free Challenge Credits. You can earn more in regular battles or purchased at the Shop.

There are five series of challenges. For each set of battles completed, you get a part of Darkseid's garb (Helmet, Chest Plate, Omega Logo, Boots, Belt). Once you have won all five challenges, a Gold Level Darkseid is added to your collection.

But, you don't need to complete them all to win something.

  • 2 Challenges Completed - Free Bronze Booster Pack (worth 8,000 credits)
  • 3 Challenges Completed - +15,000 Power Credits
  • 4 Challenges Completed - Free Silver Booster Pack (worth 35,000 credits)

Once the Standard Challenge is completed, players can then the Expert level version and so on up to the Dampening Field-filled Nightmare level.

Ruler of Apokolips

Singularly one of the most powerful and truly evil characters in the universe, Darkseid was modeled on Adolph Hitler by Jack Kirby (Yes, THAT Jack Kirby).

Murdering his way to power, he seized control of the Omega Force which turned his body to stone and granted the ability to fire Omega Beams from his eyes, giving him the ability to kill or resurrection with his gaze. His goal is to subjugate all of creation and destroy free will in the known universe through the Anti-Life Equation.

Convinced that humanity contains a large portion, if not all, of this equation for conquest, Darkseid has made numerous attempts to overthrow the Earth. This lust for power has meant having to face the Justice League on several occasions.

Darkseid is one of the most recognizable DC villains and so far he's not had a big part of the Injustice universe. But, recently he appeared in the Injustice comic book. After finding out Superman has created The Regime to rule the Earth, Darkseid sends his son and a war party to attack.


Amazon, Pirate and Gator 'Rassler who once terrorized the seas aboard her frigate The Crimson Widow. Now, sailing the stars in Star Wars: The Old Republic, swinging a massive warhammer in Guild Wars 2, or slinging a S.A.W. in Defiance. Eagerly awaiting Legends of Pirates Online and Sea of Thieves to once again hoist her colours high.

Published Mar. 6th 2014
  • Jonathan_7702
    Does any one think there is going to be a darkseid challange in 2016
  • Neo_8782
    Here are my 2 cents about the game through my own experience. I play Injustice on android phone (Samsung Note 3):
    1. I have completed all battles and now nothing is left for me to do except challenges
    2. I am able to complete Normal & Expert level of challenges but Nightmare is impossible. And I can proof why it is impossible. I have Batman (Arkham Origins) Level 40 and Elite Level V with Doomsday Level 40 and Elite level V but not able to finish all stages of Nightmare mode since none of your bronze/silver characters are as strong as computer's so these 2 stages of the nightmare you wont be able to complete. Usually 4th and 5th stages can be played with your best characters yet the opposite character will be enormously strong and healthy making it impossible to win.
    3. There is usually a gap of 7 days or more between the challenges which makes it boring for players who have completed all battles.
    4. Daily Bonus does not load everyday no matte what you do. Also due to this limitation you never know if your game is getting saved on Google+ or not
    5. There is no support for Injustice on android since the official website of warner's has 3 or 4 questions listed without any option to post a new one.
    6. Even if you put Music, SFX & Sound off, the game makes noises randomly making it very unpredictable. I can show it every single time I use Lobo's 2nd power attack. The sound of metal chain appears no matter if the game's sound & music & sfx is mute.
    6. There is no way to sort the characters based on their Health, Damage, Energy, Card Type etc. which makes it very difficult to chose them for different challenges. You got to keep scrolling There is no way you could sort or filter them.
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - some good stuff here! I can tell you that people can get past Nightmare. I don't know they do it, but there are videos on Youtube showing them. As for the Challenge Mode gap, at least on my iPhone the gap was about 4-5 days but I always welcomed a small break.

    As for support, their FAQ page is ancient and lousy. BUT, if you post a request form they do get back to you and will answer emails. I've posted a couple and got responses usually under 36 hours.

    6. - I LOVE this idea. It would not be very hard to sort by level, type, etc.
  • paul_3092
    Any advice for beating the final level the second time through? I've beaten all battles except the final battle of the final group. Darkseid is just murdering me every time I try. His health number is over 96000
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - depends on what you're bringing to face him.

    Against bosses, you need guys who have BIG 2nd attacks. Put someone up front like Luthor, Nightwing, Sinestro etc. - someone who can power drain and keep Darkseid from building up his own specials,

    When you're ready - tag in your 2nd or 3rd guy with their 2nd attacks prepped. If all survive, tag back in your power drainer and do it again if you can.

    In my toolbox I have Batgirl, who gives you a free special level right at the start so, getting to 2nd level attacks is a LOT easier. Also, I have Insurgency Batman who has probably one of the most lethal 2nd attacks in the game. Doomsday is my tank, taking damage until his 2nd attack or Bats is ready.
  • dejohn faulk
    Ok first of all, thanks for all of the battling tips. But, I have a question. Is there another way to obtain darkseid because I just got my kindle fire in April and I've been hearing commotion about a darkseid character. Plus I just got boss Grundy and I wanted to team them two up.
  • Epicboy
    Does anyone know when the next challenge will start ?
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - 2 days ago. Containment Suit Doomsday. Good luck.
  • KD_3541
    I completed the Darkseid challenge, but it won't give me the boots for completing challenge 4. This is keeping me from getting Darkseid. This is the second time I have been cheated out of a character. What should I do?
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - Guys, I know this is a known issue with the Android version of Injustice. I have a possible work-around for you guys that are stuck - BUT be warned, this will RESTART the Challenge Mode completely. You will have to re-do it if you try this fix.

    This is Android versions only.

    -First go to the challenge screen
    -Now minimize the game
    -Turn on Airplane mode
    -Advance the date by one month
    -Now go back to the game
    -It will say that the challenge has expired and take you back to the main menu
    -Now play one battle of your choice from the career mode
    -After you finish the battle exit the game completely
    -Now open task bar or running apps from the settings
    -Tap on injustice and stop it
    -Clear most of your mobile ram. Close all the unwanted apps that are running
    -Now revert back to the present date and switch off airplane mode i.e. turn on the internet
    -Now open the game. This time the game will notify you about the challenge and once you enter it the game will award you 25 challenge credits. Also the glitch will be fixed.

    Enjoy and happy gaming:-)
  • paok_5432
    Same here. I cant complete challenge 4, says it is already completed even if i havent fought a single fight.
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - see my new reply below
  • jose_7398
    Im having trouble getting the boots, it dosnt let me to do the challenge... can i do something about it?
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - see my new reply below
  • DarkseidFan_0134
    When will this be fixed?
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - see my new reply below
  • Siro_3238
    Same here. As on as the Darkseid challenge started, stage 4 was already "complete", meaning all the grey bars were full. The item at the end (boots), however, was still grey. It also showed all achievements (credits and booster packages) as unlocked in the overview. So even after I completed stage 1-3, I didn't get anything. This bug occurs a lot, since a lot of people are complaining about it on facebook. Even if they complete stage 1-3 and 5, they still can't unlock Darkseid, since stage 4 is buggy as discribed. I hope this is going to be fixed... Otherwise I can at least avoid buying Black Adam for stage 5.
  • DarkseidFan
    So after I got that werid Aquaman challenge, I updated, I have now done the Darkseid challenge (all 5 rounds) but I have not recieved Darkseid yet.

    The boots which you get are still dark (meaning I have not unlocked them), although all the bars are silver. ( on challenge 4)
    Please help me out?

    PS: When I got the challenge, challenge 4 was already done.
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - someone posted on Facebook about that. I believe that NetherRealms is looking into it.
  • Jed_9776
    I'm having trouble doing the challenge. It's trying to give me Aquaman, but the whole thing is filled with errors, and it's impossible for me to even do a single challenge battle. Help? I have the Android version if that helps any.
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - if you are seeing Aquaman you need to update. This happened back at the Raven Challenge
  • Monish_6743
    Can we play the challenge again once it is completed for another darkside card? I had mistakenly managed to play Raven challenge twice and now she is elite 1. How can we do that?
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - it's not a mistake. If you can tackle the harder challenge levels you get more cards. And fusing them makes them stronger. It's possible to make a level 4 elite by winning all 5 levels
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    A quick tip for newer players - want to get a jump start? You only have 25 challenge credits at first. You can earn more or buy more but they cost 12k for 3.

    So how about buying the first four matches in Challenge 1 and 2? Only costs $1k per match. This saves you 8 Challenge credits (or 36k if you bought them) or the time taken to earn them.

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