The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale's Trailer Is a Tearjerker

The Walking Dead: Season 2's Finale is upon us. Question is will Clementine survive till the end?

Telltale Games has released their new trailer for The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 5: No Going Back and for long time fans of the series, it’s an emotional trailer to say the least. We get to witness a highlight reel of everything Clementine has gone through as a character and when you realized just how much she’s lost it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

Clementine is by far the most realistic portrayal of a little girl that was forced through hardships to survive in this new, ugly, world of the zombie apocalypse.

She’s witnessed those close to her die multiple times and has started to become jaded to the world around her. While she still has the optimism that she had before, it has become darkened by the actions of both humans and zombies. By the trailers Tagline of “Who You Will Become?” it appears that Clementine is going to be making some big decisions in this next episode, ones that will determine who she will become as a survivor. With the emotional ending of the previous Season we can only hope that the gaming communities Darling Clementine will be safe.

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Published Aug. 21st 2014

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