Monster Hunter Generations to release next month

Capcom will release Monster Hunter Generations for Nintendo 3DS next month.

Almost a year after the Japanese release, Monster Hunter Generations will release next month in North America and Europe. Capcom confirmed that the game will be released on July 15 for Nintendo 3DS.

Players of this action-RPG will take on the role of monster hunter and come face-to-face with menacing beasts as they aspire to become the ultimate hunter. Along the way, players will defend the four villages in the game from powerful new monsters called the Fated Four.

New gameplay mechanics, like Hunting Styles and Hunting Arts, will be featured in Monster Hunter Generations. To attack monsters in midair, players can utilize Aerial style or counter-attack using Adept style. 

To celebrate the release, Nintendo will make available a special blue Nintendo 3DS XL with a Monster Hunter Generations insignia on it, similar to the commemorative handheld made available for the Japanese release. The handheld will not include the actual game, however.

The game will retail for $39.99 and will be be available for purchase after its launch. 

Published Jun. 13th 2016

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