Skyrim Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch gamers are getting a real treat: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming to the newest console from the Japanese tech giant.

Bethesda Softworks has confirmed on the company's website that one of 2011's most decorated games, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall. According to the same post, this will be the first Bethesda made game released on a Nintendo console, ever.

Game director Todd Howard had this to say:

“We love to make games and worlds that you can get lost in, that you can make your own, and that you never want to put down... well, now you don’t have to. Now you can play Skyrim wherever you want, and take it on your own adventures.”

This is historic for both longtime Nintendo fans and all others who are undecided as to whether or not taking the plunge and pre-ordering the portable/home console hybrid. Netting a third party game of this quality is a huge win for Nintendo as it tries to once again take on Sony and Microsoft in the war of supremacy of game systems.

This time is different, however. With all its' new features AND a clear focus on netting previously unobtainable third party titles, Nintendo is clearly trying to recapture its' old spot as premier destination for console gamers everywhere.

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Published Apr. 17th 2018

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