What do the current U.S. Presidential candidates think of video games?

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The 2016 electoral process is well under way, and so far it's proven to be interesting -- almost humorously bizarre in some cases. We've watched as the almost comically large group of contenders has slowly been whittled down; the culling starting even before the debates. Now that the contenders have been pared down to a more reasonable number, we thought we'd take a look at their attitudes toward gaming culture.

While video games obviously aren't major talking points in this year's campaign -- all the available slots are filled with things like national security, the economy, and education -- it doesn't mean that the candidates don't have opinions on the subject and topics related to it.  And paying attention to these opinions is important.  Aside from the obvious topic of whether or not video games cause children to become more violent, politicians' opinions on the topic -- and those related to it -- can impact everything from freedom of expression to copyright law. 

It's important to keep in mind that video games are no long a niche hobby; they're a $90+ billion dollar a year industry that employs hordes of developers, writers, artists, programmers, and more. And...most of the people playing games are people of voting age.  

So, knowing this, we've done a little research and have found statements made by the candidates expressing their opinions on gaming and its industry.

Published Feb. 24th 2016
  • topher339
    In the end, I don't think it matters. I doubt that video games will be getting enough spotlight to actually have the president do anything.
  • Lad Johnson
    ...There are no Hammers in Mine Craft
  • QuintLyn
    Featured Correspondent
    He tried, man. He tried. Besides. He did get the educational part right.
  • auther_pendragon
    Maybe he plays modded. There are several that add hammers with various functions.

    I know. It is more likely he has never played at all and is just BSing in an attempt to get votes.
  • Lad Johnson
    I appreciate the endorsement but unless your using Redstone the games not very similar to coding.

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