A quick look at Guacamelee!

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Guacamelee! The most awesome sidescroller I've played in a while! Developed by the wonderfully indie Canadian Devs at...


Drinkbox Studios! Founded in 2008 the studio is based out of Toronto, Ontario and are also responsible for the awesome Tales From Space: About a Blob!  

Guacamelee! tells the story of Juan Aguacate, a luchador who finds a mystical mask that grants him dimension swapping powers between the living and dead worlds. 


After the introductory level where our delightful hero is introduced as a bit of a loser, he quickly transforms (with gratuitous shirt ripping) into the epic luchador!

At its core Guacamelee is a 2D action platformer with the added bonuses of also being a cooperative brawler. 


CGR Trailers - GUACAMELEE! Launch Trailer Really shows how the dimension swapping works!

The reason for a seizure warning when you first launch the game quickly becomes apparent! these hyper bright flashing screens pop up very frequently!  

Published Aug. 22nd 2013


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