There is No Secret Level

Intrigued by the secret level, don't fall for the hype!

The internet loves exposing secret levels in games, and is no exception.

Above is the video that started it all. Posted in July 2016 by YouTuber Don't Turn Around, it shows a snake between 8,000 and 9,000 points being able to through the eastern wall into a secret level filled with dead snakes, while trying to avoid even bigger snakes.

This "revelation" went viral with over 2 million views and sent fans into overdrive.  All this hype sent many fans of the game to try their luck at cracking the "secret level". Many tried but none succeeded as they met their fate with the wall.

As the video went viral, some fans began to question the validity of this "secret level". Some pointed out the not-so-clever editing. Others called it click bait for Don't Turn Around's YouTube channel. Others said it was impossible given the interface and design of the game itself. 

After months of speculation and failed missions, the "secret level" has proven to be a hoax. On May 5, YouTuber Ice Cat released the video below:

In the video, she sets to disprove the "secret level" theory spreading across gaming forums, sites, and YouTube. She begins by growing her snake to Don't Turn Around's specifications. Eventually, she reaches the appropriate size and makes her way to the eastern wall. Once there, she aims for the wall -- only to die like many other players in the game. And there's the proof. Finally, the hoax is disproved once and for all!

No matter what side of the fence gamers are on, everyone seems to have gained something from this hoax. gained some popularity before dipping below 1,000 in Alexa's ratings.  

Don't Turn Around gained a spike in viewership before the viral bubble burst, then quickly became a joke to fans. But his video did spawn countless videos from skeptics like Ice Cat and believers like John Travis that still surface to this day. This quest doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon, unfortunately.

If anything, hopefull  this will inform fans and other gamers alike to not believe everything the internet tells them. Just remember to enjoy a game for what it is and not what someone wants it to be.

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Published Jul. 26th 2017

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