Blizzard Confirms New Overwatch Hero Brigitte Lindholm

The newest hero to the Overwatch lineup was confirmed, and be assured, hero runs in the family.

Hold onto your shields, a new hero comes to join the Overwatch ranks. Blizzard just recently announced Brigitte Lindholm, the youngest daughter of Torbjorn, and she's playable right now on the Overwatch PTR. With her shield and flail, she represents the game's seventh support hero as she assists Reinhardt on the front lines.

Brigitte's main attack is her Rocket Flail, which swings in front of her to hit multiple targets. Her first ability is called Whip Shot, which will shoot her flail forward and knock enemies back. Her passive is also activated from this, healing allies every time she hits. Brigitte can also create a Barrier Shield, which will absorb a limited amount of damage, and perform a Shield Bash to stun the first enemy hit. Much like her father, she can also drop Repair Packs to heal and armor allies.

Brigitte's ultimate is called Rally, which inspires allies around her, increasing their armor substantially and improving her own movement speed to get to the front lines.

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Published Mar. 1st 2018

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