Flash Review: Boom Stick

Hey guys! Another Flash Review, this time I played Boom Stick and realized I still have some baggage from high school geometry. This game comes from andkon.com and my troubles come from an undeserved B-.

This game. This game sets up up sooo bad. I thought I was all in the clear and that I was going to beat this game, but man was I wrong. I starting shooting ONE bullet. After I shot that last bullet, I had to make a mad dash to that ammo but when you run out of ammo you lose.

Aiming for Two

Never, never, NEVER settle for just a single kill. At least get a double kill. Why a double kill? Because you're trying to make a bullet profit, seriously you can teach kids about business costs and risks with this game. The controls are simple, shoot and move. As long as you have ammo you can keep playing. You can literally stand there and do nothing for hours on end, the game won't care. All the game cares about is your ammo, and if you get past enough tiers... that's all you'll care about too. Well, that and getting triple kills or better.

Sights and Sounds

The person you use is best described as a stick figure with a shotgun. That is the best description as it is the only one, unless you want to be wrong. The shotgun sure sounds like a shotgun until your ammo starts to run out. You see, when you start running out of ammo the game let's/makes you shoot less bullets, which makes your gun quiter. The person you play as doesn't attract as much attention as he could, but that's good because while your eyes are on enemies, hopefully making the combo kills, you can glance at the ground via peripheral vision and clearly notice the ammo... since it's glowing and all.

The enemies are basic shapes, if you have anything against geometry (I do... B- my...) then this game has the best visuals. The lighting and particle effect are pretty nice. I've seen bad particles... they're easy to do. Good particles are kind of hard, I like seeing a little effort put into a flash game.


This game didn't take a lot of effort to make it great, it's simple and fun. Really that's what a flash game should be. The whole managing resources with getting multi-kills aspect of the game adds complexity, without actually adding it. You see the point of the game is getting kills to advance to the next tier, you need ammo to make kills, you need to make kills to get ammo. It's an entertaining cycle... until you run out of ammo.

Still this game can easily take half an hour out of my schedule without me caring much about the lost time, I had fun and Ms. Arrowood can take that B- and... Anyway, there are 21 tiers to clear in order to beat the game. I got to tier 15... suck it high school geometry!

You can play this one / sort out your issues at andkon.com


I was born, stuff happened, then I got a bachelors and am writing for GameSkinny at the moment. All I really have time to play right now are flash games and League of Legends. Basically if it's a game odds are I'm going to like it, and if not I'll play for a while. Any game can be good or bad, it just depends on how you view the story, even if it isn't written. Sorry if you were expecting personal info, I don't really like giving that many details online unless I know you...

Platforms PC
Published Jan. 27th 2013

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