Five Best Things About Last Epoch in Alpha

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Last Epoch, an ARPG currently in alpha on PC, is becoming one of the best hack n' slash ARPGs. The game has a ton of classes to choose from, places to explore, spells to learn, and much more.

In this slideshow, we'll look at the best things so far about Last Epoch in the alpha stage. To learn more about the game, head over to the Last Epoch website.

Skill Customization

Last Epoch is an ARPG with true skill customization.

There are a ton of spells you can learn, though, you can only select a few of them to actually upgrade over time. Every skill has its own individual skill tree, which allows for almost unlimited customization when creating new characters.

For example, the spell above shows a tree where that makes the fire shield do more damage to surrounding enemies. But of course, that's just only one option; there are a ton of other options like increasing shield elemental defense, increasing the radius of which enemies can be burned, and even increasing the number of times where enemies can be caught on fire. 

Class Customization

Unlike many other ARPG's like Diablo II or Path of Exile, Last Epoch allows for unlimited class customization options.

When you first start out, you pick from one of only a few different class options, which is normal for any game like this. But as you start to level up character, you can pick and choose subclasses to expand your character's strength.

As you can see, the character above started out as a Mage and after some time, I began exploring in the realm of being a Sorcerer. Probably the best thing about this system is that each subclass has its own passive skill tree as well as new spells to be learned.



Last Epoch has a ton of loot to find and each item really does have different stats. You will find everything from weapons to armor and accessories to crafting material. Just today after many hours of playing and streaming the game, I finally found my first unique armor piece. There was an amazing beam of light shining down it.

The only downside of the loot system is the colors attached to them. As you can see above, all of the crafting materials look like rare items. The unique item that dropped for me was white. Other than that, there is a ton of loot to be found.


Any ARPG without some sort of crafting system in it is not an ARPG. The majority of ARPGs you come across, like Diablo III and Path of Exile, require you to go to your main house, base, or a hideaway in order to craft things.

However, in Last Epoch, you don't have to worry about that anymore. Here, pretty much everything, with the exception of legendary equipment, can be customized.

You don't get to change the appearance of the item or the color to do so; with all of the crafting materials you find on the ground, you can increase the stats of any piece of equipment. Just make sure that you are customizing your equipment based off how your character is progressing.



And last but not least, there are huge areas to explore.

Many ARPGs that have been released within the last few years have really let gamers down when it comes to exploring different locations. Yes, many of these games have multiple locations to visit but they have really fallen short on the size of the maps.

There should be more ARPGs that can follow in the footsteps of Last Epoch by not forcing people to be so linear.


Even with all the bugs and incomplete graphics of this game thus far, the positive number of things that players can enjoy in the game's alpha stage is quite amazing.

Unlike many other PC games in their alpha stage, gamers will not be let down with the number of classes they can choose from, places they can explore, loot to be found, and much more. 

Published Feb. 27th 2019


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