Sega Lifts the Curtain on Sakura Wars Story in New Trailer

Sakura Wars' story trailer introduces us to a gorgeous 1940s steampunk Tokyo and the down-on-its-luck theater company at the center of the tale.

Sakura Wars, the reboot of Sega's classic Sakura series, launches April 28 for PlayStation 4. Today, Sega released a story trailer highlighting what you can expect from your time with the Imperial Combat Revue theater company, with an accompanying press release courtesy of Gematsu.

Sakura Wars takes place in an alternate 1940s Tokyo, combining the city and period's rich history with full-on steampunk, demon warfare, and of course, massive mechs. The Imperial Combat Revue doubles as a defense force protecting Tokyo, but during peace time, it's an almost regular theater troop.

Enter Seijuro Kamiyama, recently brought in as captain and director of the Combat Revue. Despite the glamorous name, the Imperial Combat Revue isn't really doing all that hot and needs some serious direction to turn things around and recover its former prestige.

You'll divide your time on and off the battlefield and try to foster strong relationships with the Revue members. Sakura Wars uses the series' signature LIPS dialogue system, where your dialogue choices and how they're presented affects the way relationships develop. These, in turn, affect everyone's battle performance.

Don't forget to check out the Sakura Wars announcement if you missed it, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Sakura Wars news as it enters stage left.


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Published Feb. 29th 2020

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