The Best Superhero Games You Should Play

Comic book movies are the talk of the town, but which games have been the best?

With so many superhero movies out at the moment and a ton still yet to come in 2017, superheroes are well and truly in! Marvel started off the whole trend, with the initial release of Iron Man. For fans of the comics it was set to be a dream come true, as whole host of heroes were set to make their big screen debuts. DC then decided to take things into their own hands and went on to do a ‘Marvel’ of their own. The two companies now have a whole host of films already set to come out in the next few years.

With comic book franchises coming out left, right and centre, games have also been flowing out. So, which ones have been the best, from past experience turning a movie into a game is never easy.

Lego Marvel Superheroes

The Lego games have already proved that just about everything is better in brick! They started off with Star Wars Lego, but things certainly reached a new level with the Marvel games. Given a free world to roam in, with a whole host of characters, make it a relaxing fun game. With so many different characters available, the game works in a very similar way to the movies, making every one of them feel important.

For those hoping for a serious intense game, don’t go any further, but for those hoping for some simple fun, with some great puns, this is the game for you. There is simply nothing more satisfying than smashing things up with Thor’s Hammer!

Injustice God’s Among Us

Ever thought what would happen if the biggest heroes and villains of the DC Universe would fight each other? Although Superman Vs Batman has pretty much answered those questions for us, here is the perfect chance for you to test things out for yourself. The story in Injustice God’s Among Us revolves around an alternate timeline in where Superman actually decided to murder the Joker, bringing in an age in which heroes are almost tyrannical, with the power having gone to their head.

Injustice God’s Among Us is a fantastic fighting game, one which is definitely for the fans. It has so many heavy and satisfying attacks, as well as a wealth of unlockable alternate costumes, which will only whet the appetite of DC supporters.

Batman Arkham Knight

Batman is arguably DC’s biggest and best superhero, so a top quality game was only going to add to his legacy. Arkham Knight is the pinnacle of the Arkham series and is exactly the sort of Batman game that fans want. It’s dark, gritty and violent, everything which the caped crusader is about!

Batman’s skills are well honed and the fighting is well co-ordinated with lots of good combos, in order to complete satisfying moves. It’s great to be able to get some of the other characters involved, with the opportunity for Batgirl or Robin to join you. It’s a great way to round off Batman’s best ever game -- even with the PC issues.

X-Men Origins Wolverine

Much like Arkham Knight is a perfect Batman game, this is undoubtedly a perfect Wolverine game. It feels like it’s made for the hardcore fans and not for the general comic book follower. Full of gore and anger, it’s a game that is all about Wolverine.

Given a rating of an 18, it doesn’t hold back, allowing you to fully unleash the Wolverine. With a great range of kill moves, it fits into how the movies have worked. With so many Marvel films being made for family consumption, it’s refreshing to get a game which genuinely doesn’t hold back.

Spider-Man Web Of Shadows

There have been tons of good Spiderman games, arguably the most famous comic book character of all time. The web slinging, crime fighting youngster has been a huge hit on the big screen and has been just as successful in the gaming world.

Web Of Shadows has to be the best though. It’s got the best graphics and gameplay, and is a fantastic all round package.

The game has lot’s of great Spidey features, with a fantastic real life looking Manhattan. Brilliant combat moves, with some really great Spiderman powers. It also finally properly pits you against the hero’s ultimate enemy, Venom.


There have been a whole host of great superhero games, not all of them even DC or Marvel! But based on purity for the fans, surely these have to be the best? Providing fans with characterizations, and storylines which stay true to the characters in the comic books.


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Published Nov. 30th 2016

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