Bound by Flame Releases All You Need to Know Trailer

Want to know what Bound by Flame is all about? well, the new trailer tells all.

If you're wondering what upcoming RPG Bound by Flame is all about, fear not. The new trailer of the game literally tells you everything you need to know. I have followed Bound by Flame for some time now and I'm cautiously optimistic about the new title.

Bound by Flame is being developed by Spiders Studios and published by Focus Interactive. Bound by Flame is certainly the most ambitious project Spiders Studios since working on Of Orcs and Men alongside French developer Cyanide Studios.

The game itself is a third person action role-playing game hyped to pack character, choices, and plenty of fire. You will be assuming the role of a mercenary, but not just any ol' run of the mill merc, mind you; one possessed by a flame demon. The developers themselves explain that the possession is a crucial mechanic in the game:

Your adventure in Bound by Flame will change radically according to the relationship you have with the demon: will you yield to the formidable power it gives you, or will you fight to preserve your human self? The reactions of the various characters and of your companions, and the very way the story unfolds will depend entirely on your decisions. Each of your choices will therefore have an influence, not only on what and who is around you, but also on yourself! The more of your humanity you lose and the more demonic powers you gain, the more your appearance is transformed and corrupted.”


The game will also boast companions, each with a unique storyline. You will be able to interact with your companions and even pursue romantic options with some of them.

According to the choices you made earlier in the story and to your relationship with the demon, you will build friendship, romance, or rivalry with them. Some may even abandon you or turn against you if what you become violates their principles... so be careful not to offend your favourite companion! Your very choices will shape your companions’ behaviour and evolution throughout your adventure.”


The game is certainly promising a lot and this is an ambitious undertaking for the studio. I have high hopes for the game and it could well be a real gem for RPG lovers (and give us a fix until Witcher 3 releases). The game is set to release in Q2 of this year on PC, Xbox one and Playstation 4.

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Published Feb. 15th 2014

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