The Crew: Wild Run Closed Beta

The Crew begins closed beta! With a chance to have a video featured on their social media accounts!

Fom October 15th-19th Ubisoft Entertainment’s The Crew: Wild Run will hold closed beta testing for PC. Any players who have tried the PC trial version and were part of previous tests will be able to take part in this upcoming session. If you have not done either, you will need to sign up to be considered for closed beta before the official launch. Players that get in will have access to graphical upgrades, the weather system, and new vehicles. But to gain access to the summit, you must complete a list of tasks that include PVE and PVP missions.

With this closed beta, there is also a “Closed Beta Video Challenge” that Ubisoft is offering players to take part in. The challenge requires that the video be less than two minutes long and must include one of their new vehicles. Ubisoft will choose 10 videos and rank them every day for one week on their social media accounts. This starts October 26th. Remember to get any video you record to them before October 25th. If you want more information on where to send your videos, click here to go to their official site.


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Published Jul. 21st 2016

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