Get medieval in Payday 2's new Chivalry crossover DLC

Take a look at the new weapons in Payday 2!

What's better than pulling a heist? Pulling a heist with a Scottish claymore and picking off enemies with a crossbow! Today, Payday 2 launched a new $4.99 DLC pack called the "Gage Chivalry Pack," which is s crossover DLC from the medieval arena game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

 Yes, you can now play cops and robbers by chucking a javelin straight through someone's head.

The DLC will feature three ranged weapons: bows, crossbows, and javelins. It will also have four melee weapons from Chivalry, four masks, four patterns, and four new materials. The DLC also comes with new exclusive achievements. Although in the trailer it says there are only four, there are quite a few more.

 Rotisserie Chef: because you should be awarded for beheading a burning man.

With this new pack at $4.99, it has a chance to respark players' interest in Payday 2 and possibly even Chivalry. Time will tell if the new weapons and achievements will be enough to bring back players.

Published Sep. 10th 2015

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