Information about the new Atelier game "Atelier Firis"

New Atelier series game Atelier Firis is going to be released in this fall in Japan. It has bigger world, new systems, and many features that will be entertaining.

In-detail information about Atelier Firis has been released. Koei Tecmo has announced that Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey will be released in Fall 2016 for PS4 and PS Vita.

As its title suggests, Atelier Firis will be based on the theme of 'Journey'. The creators wanted it to be a game where each player could create their own story. Standing in the shoes of Firis, a small town girl who gets to know alchemy, the player has to make several choices that impacts the storyline.


Firis Mistlud (CV: Kaede Hondo) / Alchemist / 15

She's the protagonist of this game, who lives in a mining community. Firis hasn't been to the world outside the mines, so she aspires to see the outer world.

Liane Mistlud (CV: Azusa Satou) / Hunter / 18

Sister of Firis. She is a talented hunter who is allowed to go outside the mines. Liane is very supportive of Firis.

 Journey Through the Vast World!

Firis and her party journeys through an extensive world. There are places like a port city, mountains, and a river flowing in a single field. Though it still contains the same cozy nature of the Atelier series, the world of Atelier Firis has became greater in scale!

There are several climates in the world of Atelier Firis, and Firis' costume has many variations for those diverse weathers.

Also, the choices that Firis makes not only affect the story, but also the maps.


Alchemy, the key system of the Atelier series, can be performed when you set up a tent near the 'Bonfire of Travelers'.

There are a lot of ingredients that Firis can gather on the big-scale field. Monsters might attack while gathering ingredients, and Firis has to fight against them, too. She might acquire special ingredients from monsters.

It is going to be released in this fall in Japan, on PS4 and PS Vita. There isn't clear news about its release in North America / Europe. 


Published May. 31st 2016

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