Top 5 Supports for Smite Season 3

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Welcome to my top 5 supports in Smite for Season 3.  Before we get into my top 5, I want to first start off by saying the best support is whatever one you are comfortable with. If Geb (who is currently popular) is not in your comfort zone, but Ymir is...then grab Ymir. Too many times in my ranked games, I see people picking what they're told is the best god rather than what they would have chosen.

Comfort trumps all -- especially if you are forced into the role of support when you main something else.  I am one of the few crazy people out there who main support. So let's get into it. This is my top 5 list for the role, but remember that it does not necessarily have to be yours.

Published Mar. 18th 2016
  • Teevell_6844
    I agree except that I would replace Ares with Ymir. I think the low-cooldown stun is more valuable/easier to hit/wider range than the Ares chains. His stun affects more gods than the chains do; cripple is good for some gods, stun screws over everyone. Also, a well placed Ymir wall in the jungle still spells death for the enemy team/saves his teammates.
  • Taranis8
    I can't disagree with you. The freeze in a sense is like a taunt. Not exactly but close enough. Ymir lacks mobility but so does Ares. Personally, I am not an Ares player I just hate going against a well played Ares. I also feel like Ares is a support people either love or hate. Not much in between.

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