LoL Tournament Stream - University of Michigan 5v5

Awesome League of Legends group at University of Michigan holds a tournament this weekend. Full stream coverage. Expected turnout 120+ participants.

The League of Legends Club at University of Michigan is holding a huge tournament this weekend.  It is the club's biggest tournament to date and is sponsored by huge names such as:

  • Gunnar Optiks
  • RiotGames
  • SteelSeries

... Just to name a few.  The expected turnout is estimated to be 120+ participants and will have a live stream to cover it.

Watch live video from umichlol on

University of Michigan - LoL

University of Michigan is home to a highly active and very motivated League of Legends group known as "MLoL".  They currently have about 150 members via their Facebook group, hold regular meetings, and have hosted two highly successful League of Legends tournaments with a third going on this weekend.

Yesterday I got to sit down with their President, Eric Zhang, and talk to him and some of the officers about what it's like to run such an organization.  It was a great talk and we are going to be putting a full interview together in the near future that will hopefully include some highlights from this week's tournament.

For more information on the group, including upcoming events, head on over to their homepage located at

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Published Mar. 18th 2013

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