Georgia Becomes First To Offer Competitive Video Game Internships and Scholarships

GGDA will start the first inter-collegiate esports league in August

The Georgia Game Developers Association has just announced that it will be creating the first statewide general eSports league. This league will sponsor collegiate teams in esports circuits that culminate in a state championship -- similar to club sports and NCAA teams at most colleges.

Though not the first esports league in the world, it will be the first that's sponsored by a state, as others have been university-sponsored by places like the University of California and University of Utah.

Andrew Greenberg, Executive Director of the GGDA, stated in the press release that this decision was influenced in part by how popular esports have gotten:

"Esports have become the fastest-growing form of competition, and video games are turning into the most popular sports of the 21st century."

It's no surprise that video games have become the most booming new sector of competitive sports, given that countries all over the world are seeing year-round esports tournaments these days.


For the GGDA, this new league is one of many programs that the non-profit uses to support and educate its members. It will be another place for gamers in Georgia to congregate around a thriving esports scene that boasts several collegiate leagues and the SMITE World Championships.

To gain access to the offered internships and scholarships that are being given out via this new league, you must be a member of the GGDA. But you don't have to be a Georgia resident. Memberships can be purchased for a variety of prices -- the lowest being the student membership -- and will offer career resources, job listings, and promotions for its members work. 

The league will start during the Fall semester of this year, running from August through December. But there have been no reports of a follow-up to the league's initial game schedule.


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Published Apr. 13th 2017

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