The seven most beautiful games of 2015

4. The Order: 1886

Now we get to one of those games whose gameplay doesn’t come close to matching its frankly astounding graphics and fantastic atmosphere. The Order 1886 makes you feel like you’re controlling a live-action movie with its lifelike visuals. Unfortunately, it’s one of those movies where, most of the time, not much is happening.

It’s not that The Order is a terrible game, it just should have been so much better. The huge number of quick-time events and restrictive gameplay can make it feel like a long cutscene. Overall, it just isn’t much fun.

Like a narcissistic Instagram girl, the game knows it’s beautiful and wants you to realize this. There are plenty of moments where the action takes a backseat so players can marvel at the details and high-quality textures of the game’s objects. You can almost hear The Order: 1886 screaming “Ignore my many faults! Look at how beautiful I am!” as it takes yet another selfie.

Published Dec. 3rd 2015

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