Dragon Age: Inquisition To Bring Back Multiple PC Races, And Mounts.

New details About Dragon Age: Inquisition leave fans screaming with joy.

Dragon Age: Inquistion was featured in this month's Game Informer, and the news that comes from those hallowed, glossy pages made me weep with joy. Allow me to summarise some of the key points for you, and I ask that you join me in rejoicing.

Player races are back. 

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Despite maintaining a staunch official policy of opposition to this idea on the forums, it seems that multiple PC races have returned in DA:I. I've never been so happy to be taken in by a smokescreen.

Confirmed so far are elves, humans and dwarves, and there's a little speculation that we might get to play a Qunari.

My screech of joy would echo across the world, if such was the case. As it  is, there was a fair amount of bouncing. 

A return of tactical combat.

If you were miffed by the 'awesome button' hyping of DA2 and its tendency to drop dwarven carta paratroopers from the sky, you should be pretty happy right now. DA:I is returning to the Origins roots, striking a balance between fluidity and strategy. 


No longer are we forced to trudge aimlessly on foot through predefined paths. Inquisition is open world, and it's been confirmed that we will have mounts...though what those mounts are, exactly, is still foggy. Please be Griffons please be Griffons please be Griffons-

The story is not linear

Again, something that should make those critical of DA2 weep with joy. Inquistion lets players essentially do what they want. How you do things will alter the story. 

I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I'm actually choked up.

We will visit multiple lands

Everyone latched on to Orlais, but judging by what's been said we might get to explore a lot more of Thedas than we originally thought. I'd love to return to Fereldan and see how it's recovering from the Blight, ten years later. Maybe even head back to Kirkwall and visit the freshly steaming remains of the Chantry. Who knows...Antiva might even get a look in, or Par Vollen. Or even the Tevinter Imperium. The sky isn't even the limit, since it's cracking open. 

For more details, pick up a copy of Game Informer or visit Forbes, who have a few extra little tidbits for the thirsty fan. 

Published Aug. 6th 2013
  • Ecobahn
    THIS IS AMAZING NEWS! Thank you so much for sharing this! I love the DA series and hearing that they are going to hark back to Origins in gameplay and race selection fills me with happiness!! Don't get me wrong I had a great time playing DA:II but those were things I had missed. Also I love to hear they have chosen to go open world and less linear this time around and I would absolutely DIE with joy if they allowed us to have griffons as a mount for travel...despite what the lore says! Extinct sminkt! I want a griffon!
  • Joseph Rowe
    Featured Columnist
    Oh, my God. This is fantastic news. Now let's hope they actually deliver on it.
  • Tuomir
    Apparently, my internet caused me to double post. Blame it, not me.
  • Tuomir
    This, I'm excited about. Looks like they are making a sequel for one of my favorite RPGs, if only it would make it so that nothing in DA 2 would be canon, so that I could think it never even existed.
  • Catrana
    I did enjoy some parts of DA2. My main issues with it were the recycled environments, the lack of thought put into enemy encounters, and the linear plot that only gave us the illusion of choice.
    I did enjoy the companion interaction, however, and there were plenty of memorable moments! The longer development cycle will result in a much more polished game, that's for sure. And they've been working on DA:I since before DA:2 was released, so they've had plenty of time to gather fan feedback. I'm eagerly awaiting new updates, and I'll be sure to share them as they pop up.
    Apparently we have another companion confirmed, a mage named Vivienne.

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