Twitch Announces Updated Desktop App Open Beta

Twitch announces open beta of their new and improved desktop app.

Last year, Twitch bought Curse, a standalone gaming chat application, to improve its ability to give content to gamers. Now, we know exactly what they did it. Curse's acquisition has been folded into Twitch's latest service offering: an upgraded desktop application. The updated app will go into open beta on March 16th.

As an official Twitch product, the Curse application will keep many of its beloved features such as screen sharing, voice and video calls, and community/server tools. The desktop application will also support Twitch's existing social features, like being able to connect with friends to see what they're up to, and private messaging tools to chat with friends. An addons and overlays feature allows users to manage addons for their games right in the app, and cloud storage will allow users to carry their settings across multiple machines.

The desktop application will also support Twitch Games Commerce, Twitch's foray into the game retail business. The company will start giving Steam and GOG the run for their money in Spring 2017.

For more information, visit Twitch Desktop App landing page.

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Published Mar. 11th 2017

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