Resident Evil: Revelations's DLC Forthcoming

Adding some much needed sexy legs and massive cleavage to your Resident Evil game because that was what the game was missing!

Well, we got Hunk in hot pants.  What more could a man ask for?Wait, that is a girl?  Oh, I get it.  Only girls wear hot pants, not just creepy European dudes that are far too old to be showing that much leg.Yeah, I find it odd that the only thing making this version of the Hunk a female is that she has long slender legs.  With the head covering gas mask, military jacket and huge boots; would you ever think this was a girl at a glance?  From the waist up it looks like a dude.I guess I will wait for someone to mod it with Hunk's beefy legs.  Here is my interpretation so someone get on this! Then there is Rachel in Ooze Form.  Because we needed to play as a character that was totally a throw away side character that dies the instant you meet her and really bares no importance on the game other then being annoying to fight over and over again.Well, she has the awesome cleavage too.  I guess that is a bonus for us guys and some of you girls!  Makes me think that Rachel Ooze is friends with the Silent Hill Nurse with all that boob showing. Both these character's will be available next week for $2.99 each.  They also seem to be only available in Raid so be wary of that.


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Published Jun. 10th 2013

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