Nintendo is creating mobile games by the year 2017

Mobile games are slowly starting to gain more hype.

It seems like mobile games are starting to become in demand by the public, and with that brings news from Nintendo. They recently released a statement saying that by the year 2017, they will have at least 5 of their games released on mobile devices for users to play.

No other information has been released as to what games will exactly be made into mobile games, nor do we know if it will be compatible for only iOS users or Android users, but this is still news to the public. With the latest smartphones constantly pushing hardware capabilities, people have slowly started to adapt to playing video games on the go.

The year 2017 seems like a long time period for these games to be developed, but Nintendo promises they will be amazing. Not wanting to give their users an app that might crash, expect the Nintendo games to be well developed and (of course) user friendly. 

What games are you hoping Nintendo brings to your mobile device? Let me know in the comments!

Published Aug. 30th 2015

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