Microsoft Reduces the Price of the Xbox One Yet Again

You are might be running out of excuses for not buying an Xbox One with this latest price reduction.

The Xbox One S is slated to debut August 2nd, and Microsoft keeps slashing the price of the Xbox One. The current console, which has sold more than 24 million units, is in no way obsolete with the release of the Xbox One S. The new model will feature a smaller form factor, HDR support, and 4K streaming. But other than the aforementioned features, the innards are equal.

-Xbox One S-

The current Xbox One debuted at a price point of $499, and has been reduced in price as it ages. The current price reduction brings the price to $249, a steal compared to the original price point. The new Xbox One S will debut with a range of prices starting at $299 and peaking at $449.

This current price cut makes the console even more appealing for those looking to buy. Not to mention, with the announcement of Project Scorpio slated to release next year, saving that extra bit of money to put towards the upcoming console might just tip the scales for potential buyers.


Published Jul. 25th 2016

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