Monster Hunter 4, Confirmed for Vita

I get excited about most things relating to Monster Hunter nowadays, so a confirmation that MH4 is going to be on the Vita makes me want a Vita.

It came as no surprise when Nintendo announced that Monster Hunter 4 would be on the 3DS. It was kind of surprising that Nintendo would be quit about a release for Sony's portable system, the PS Vita, especially considering the success Monster Hunter saw on the PSP. Things weren't really adding up all things considered.

Then there's this whole delay thing with Monster Hunter. Nintendo seems to have a thing for delays these days with the Wii U and all, what's with the Monster Hunter delay? Well it seems that Capcom needs more time to prep a PS Vita release! Now normally a delay is bad news, but this is definitely good news. Not only does it expands the market for Monster Hunter 4, but it shows that Capcom cares enough about their Sony based fans. Sure it's a little inconvenient for those who are going to be playing on the 3DS, but I think most of them will understand the need to make sure everyone who enjoys the Monster Hunter series gets a fair chance to play.

Now this isn't a "without a doubt" confirmation, but it would be laughable for Capcom to not include the PS Vita in the MH4 release. Along with this almost certain confirmation is the suggest rumor that Capcom and Sony that both platforms would see simultaneous releases.





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Published Jan. 21st 2013

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