Is Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water too big for the Wii U?

Large file size for new Fatal Frame leaves some Wii U owners unable to play.

Before you go out and buy the new Fatal Frame, make sure your Wii U has enough memory to download it. Many fans of the series are discovering that they either need an external hard drive or another Wii U entirely. 

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water requires a whopping 15GB of free space in order to be played. With many of the Wii U owners only having the 8GB version, they will never be able to play this game without buying some form of extra memory.

Fans of the series are beyond frustrated with the decision to make Fatal Frame an eShop-only game. In response to this decision, Ryan Cann took it upon himself to create a petition for a physical release of the survival-horror game. Nearing 2,500 signatures, hopefully both Nintendo and Xseed can come to some sort of agreement for an NA physical release. 

Whatever the outcome, I'm sure that fans of the series will find some way to play their highly-anticipated game. 

Published Oct. 23rd 2015

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