Endless Legend: Shifters set to release April 7

The newest expansion to the critically acclaimed strategy game will include a new civilization and a richer winter season.

After successful beta testing, Amplitude Studios has just announced that Endless Legend: Shifters — the game's first official expansion — will be available on April 7.

Endless Legend is a fantasy turn-based strategy game set in the dying world of Auriga. Since launch, the game has been met with critical acclaim for its deep unit customization, vibrant art style, and unique strategical gameplay. Its newest expansion, Shifters, intends to add one more civilization, and change the way battles and interactions unfold.

Endless Legend: Shifters will feature:

Endless Legends Announced

An Enhanced Winter

During winter, players will be given the chance to collect Pearls of Auriga, a resource that will give them the opportunity to gain advantages and hinder their enemies.

Players are also given the choice to spend these resources on the Altar of Auriga, a new building that provides blessings.

And lastly, the season will come with a few new — exciting — effects on the world. One example: Lakes and rivers may freeze over, allowing more movement options for land units, and stopping naval units entirely.

Endless Legends Announced

A New Faction

The expansion will feature a new faction, the Allayi, whose power seems augmented by the cold touch of winter.

"Shifting with the seasons from friendly neighbours to enraged raiders, in the right hands the Allayi can prove extraordinary opponents."

Like the other civilizations, the Allayi will have their own distinctive play-style. They'll also be given access to exclusive blessings, allowing them to take full advantage over the cold season.

Endless Legend: Shifters is going to arrive this week, and more information is expected to come before then. Keep your eyes peeled — winter is coming.

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Published Aug. 4th 2017

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