Freemode Events will change the way you play GTA Online

Imagine a GTA Online world with no lobbies or loading screens. Well it's coming.

We're on the verge of the biggest thing to happen to Grand Theft Auto Online since heists were introduced earlier this year.

Freemode Events are being brought into the GTA Online world in a huge update that will be released on September 15.

Hunt the Beast pits players against a Teen Wolf-looking enhanced human in a sort of cat and mouse game.

Like a lot of Grand Theft Auto Online players, many of the best moments I have had playing the game didn't come from a specific heist or mission, but rather just the chaos ensuing in the streets at any given moment. Freemode Events are intended to capitalize on this unscripted madness while giving players the objective and variability of a mission. The biggest and best thing that this means for players is that you will be able to participate in challenges without ever having to step foot in a lobby again.

These events are slated to take place every 12 minutes in the open world, and players will have the choice to join them, completely ignore them, or even spectate from afar. There are many different events and while some require you to go to a certain area of the map to meet up, others can be done where you currently happen to be.

Players will of course still receive cash and RP rewards for their involvement in these freemode challenges, but it will be split among you and your teammates accordingly. As of now, we know about 6 of the events that will take place.

Hunt The Beast

Hunt The Beast chooses one random player and turns him into a beast (basically a Teen Wolf lookalike) and gives him super strength and speed for the round. The other players are then tasked with hunting this beast down before he can get to 10 randomly assigned checkpoints around Los Santos.

The biggest challenge for the hunters is that the beast is invisible on the minimap until he reaches a checkpoint and becomes visible for a few seconds.

Penned In

This challenge pits a dozen or so cars against one another all battling to stay inside a dome that is constantly decreasing in size and making random movements. As the dome gets smaller, players naturally become more aggressive, and if you get knocked out or fall out of the dome for more than 9 seconds, you lose.

Fastest Speed Challenge

This event can be done from anywhere on the map. Basically its exactly what it says. Once the challenge starts you are tasked with clocking in the highest speed on any land vehicle. The player with the highest speed at the end of the challenge wins.

Criminal Damage

Like the Fastest Speed Challenge, this event can be done from anywhere. The goal is to cause the most damage possible. Stuck out in the desert when the challenge starts? Well you're probably out of luck. In downtown Los Santos? You very well may have a good shot to win.

Kill List Competitive

Two teams of 4 players all gather into a Valkyrie helicopter and are tasked with taking out as many Merriweather mercs as possible. One pilots and the rest command guns from the chopper. The challenge with this mode is that players are tasked with taking out the same set of mercs as their opposing team, so it quickly turns into a battle between helicopters while killing mercs.

King of the Castle

An all-out, every man for himself turf war in which players are tasked with racing to the top of a designated 'castle' while trying to fend off all of the other players who are trying to dethrone you.

Along with the freemode events, there will be 2 new Adversary modes bundled with Tuesday's update as well. There are promised to be many more free mode events coming with this update, but either way, Rockstar is once again changing the way GTA Online is played

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Published Dec. 23rd 2019

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