Xbox Series X "Bold" Reveal Just the Start of Microsoft's Next-Gen Strategy

The Xbox Series X reveal marks a new, bolder strategy for the next generation of Xbox.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer recently appeared on an episode of Gamertag Radio, summarized by GameSpot, talking about various Xbox Series X factors, such as its development progress.

Aside from speaking positively about Microsoft's next-gen console, he also mentioned the team is adopting a new strategy for competing with Sony in the next console generation.

That strategy started with the Xbox Series X reveal during 2019's The Game Awards, a reveal method hitherto unprecedented for Xbox. And Spencer wasn't originally convinced it would work.

We made the decision ... the decision was actually really pushed forward by one of our marketing leads, and she's awesome, and she just stood up in a room and she said, "We should go do something bold. Something we've never done before."

Despite his reservations, Spencer was convinced Xbox needed to do something different to stand out again, especially with Sony dominating the market during the current — and soon to be previous — console generation. He recognized it was a big risk since the reveal could have easily flopped, but Xbox won't be afraid of risk in the future.

... every decision we make between now and launch, we're trying to think about things in a different way. Some of them we'll get right. Some of them we won't.

But we're definitely not going to be meek. We're going to bold in what we're trying to go do.

The Xbox Series X is on track for a holiday 2020 release, assuming rumors of hardware manufacturing delays thanks to coronavirus remain rumors. Currently, the Xbox One is manufactured in Shanghai, China. 

While there's still much more to learn about the Series X, we do know that it will be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. With Game Pass already making strides to include more and more games available on launch-day for both console and PC, Microsoft is poised to enter next-gen swinging. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Xbox Series X news as it develops.


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Published Feb. 11th 2020

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