100 Best Boss Fights: 60 - 51

54.) Dante’s Inferno - Queen Cleopatra and Marc Anthony

Dante’s Inferno is a nightmarish ride through hell that has left me scarred, especially when I fought Queen Cleopatra and her man slave. Taking the elevator up through the circle of lust, is where you begin the fight with Cleopatra, who is gigantic and has the nightmare fueling ability to summon demon babies out of her nipples. After reaching the top of the platform, Cleopatra then spits out her lover, Marc Anthony. Mr. Anthony looks like a train wreck and will wreck you like a train if you’re not careful, plus Cleopatra will try to heal him from time to time. Best to keep your distance and spam ranged attacks on him.

WARNING: This video contains nudity.

Published Apr. 10th 2014

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