Was Left 4 Dead 3 leaked???

Has Left 4 Dead 3 been leaked or are we just getting our hopes up?

According to Valvetime, a Valve fan site, Left 4 Dead 3 might have been leaked. This is about the hundredth time that Left 4 Dead 3 has potentially been leaked but we can always keep our hopes up right?

In a tutorial for the destinations workshop tools (a Portal 2 thing) Valve's Tristan Reidford may have accidentally leaked the existence of Left 4 Dead 3. If you look at the photo below there is a folder called left4dead3. However, it is convenient that it is at the top of the list almost like Tristan wants you to see it,  but who knows. The photo was later taken down and replaced with a photo that does not show that folder. 

Valvetime also points out that in the last year there have been nine new updates to Left 4 Dead 2. It's almost like they are getting ready for something. Tristan has been playing Left 4 Dead 2 recently according to his Steam profile. We all know that the industry says about Valve "They can't count to three." None of their games have ever had the third installment. Maybe this will be the first. Half life 3 confirmed....



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Published Jul. 2nd 2016

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