Naughty Dog Unveils The Last of Us Part II at PSX 2016

Naughty Dog finally pulled the curtain back on its much-anticipated follow-up to 2013's The Last of Us. And boy, does it look good.

Playstation Experience 2016 saw some truly huge reveals for upcoming Sony exclusives -- from both indie developers and Triple-A studios alike. However, it was the last trailer of the day that wowed audience members and commentators alike: Naughty Dog Studios’ long-rumored The Last of Us Part II.

Opening with a shot of a beautiful, lush forest, we pan by the skeleton of a burned-out car and a banner waving the slow breeze. Emblazoned upon it is the symbol of the Fireflies, the rebel militia group from 2013’s The Last of Us, a game that saw survivors Joel and Ellie journeying across the country to find a cure for the apocalyptic fungal plague that has decimated the world.

The trailer continues with a sequence in a rural farmhouse where an older Ellie tunes and plays a guitar as the camera pans to various shots of what can be surmised are dead henchmen.

As the trailer comes to an end, an older Joel enters the room where Ellie is playing. He carries a revolver and asks Ellie what she’s going to do. As blood streaks down her face she replies: “I’m gonna’ find and I’m gonna’ kill every last one of them,” a chilling start to what will most certainly be a harrowing follow-up to The Last of Us’ ambiguous, cliffhanger ending.

Currently, no release date for the Last of Us Part II, which is currently in the early stages of development, has been announced. The original The Last of Us won 122 awards for everything from its gameplay to its storytelling. It was also heralded for its powerful portrayal of Ellie, as well as her huge impact as a female character.

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Published Dec. 3rd 2016

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