How to Unlock Auto Combat in Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile has an auto battle feature. Here's how to enable it.

Black Desert Mobile is an entirely different monster from Black Desert Online. Nonetheless, it's a very competent game when compared with other MMORPGs in the mobile space. It's got a lot of the BDO flair, with expected features like auto combat to keep mobile players interested.

Unlike some other mobile MMORPGs, Black Desert Mobile does not allow you to use auto play from the start of the game.

How to Unlock Auto Combat in Black Desert Mobile

It takes a little time to get to the point where the auto battle option becomes available, specifically it doesn't open up until your Black Spirit grows a bit. Just big enough to have some real weird teeth. This happens around Level 13.

Your best bet for getting to Level 13 quickly is to just follow your story quests as they also essentially teach you how to play the game and get your footing in the world. You'll want to keep up with them well-after getting auto combat unlocked, too.

Once your Black Spirit gets that little bit more creepy and you unlock auto battle, you'll be able to find it in the main interface.

Look down by your health bar for the brand new Auto button. Tap it to turn the new feature on and let your character get to work killing nearby enemies without your input.

Turning on auto battle does not mean the game will complete quests for you. You will still have to click quests on the tracker to move to their location, but once you arrive, you can turn auto battle back on and let your character take the reins for a while.


The Black Spirit only gets creepier from here, but the game gets better in turn. How are you enjoying BDM? Let us know in the comments below, and good luck on your adventures!

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Published Dec. 16th 2019

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