Long Lost Press Kit for Vib Ribbon Discovered by Online Artist "Ribbon Black"

Online artist "Ribbon Black" has discovered a long-lost press kit release of the PS1 classic Vib Ribbon, unearthing a trove of previously unreleased information.

Online artist "Ribbon Black" has released to the public a fascinating find for any fans of the PS1 rhythm game classic Vib Ribbon; a press release copy of the game filled with previously unreleased information and data on the game.

Some of the more interesting information discovered in the press kit is an interview with and photos of the game's director Masaya Matsura, several unused key art images (one shown below), and even unused music found on a disc titled, DJ Cam Loa Project Meets Vib Ribbon

The disc mainly consists of a variety of different music by artist DJ Cam spanning multiple genres, but the standout is a track that seems to be an unused level track from Vib Ribbon itself.

Ribbon Black was unable to find the track anywhere else on the internet and has uploaded the track to Soundcloud for all to hear. The track is six minutes long and spans multiple genres, fitting in well with the rest of bizarre yet catchy soundtrack of Vib Ribbon. 

One of the previously unused key art images found in the press kit.

Ribbon Black has been kind enough to not only summarize a great deal of the more interesting information from the discovery in a blog post that you can read here to see everything else, and has also released the full contents of the press kit for others to play around with via dropbox.

Vib Ribbon is available now for PS3 and PlayStation Vita, and you can follow Ribbon Black on Twitter.


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Published Jun. 5th 2019

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