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Release Date: 2016

Platforms: PC

Routine is a survival horror game played in first person perspective. The game takes place on an abandoned moon base in an 80s vision future called the Lunar Research Station. The entire crew has gone missing, and the player's objective is to find information on what happened to them.

Just because the station crew is missing, however, does not mean that the player is alone. There are dangers in the base which the player must avoid to the best of their capabilities. The environments procedurally generate each time you play the game, and it contains a roguelike permadeath feature where if the player dies they have to start over.

The developers have certainly focused on the horror elements of the game making the UI and equipment elements to a minimum. The player has a CAT - Cosmonaut Assistant Tool at their disposal, a repair device. The CAT can be upgraded using floppy disks found around the base and has the potential to be a weapon in certain cases.

Routine is looking to be an impressive title with spectacular looking graphics and environments. There is little further information about the game at present, but it is going to be interesting to see what the game is going to offer upon release. It is certainly one to keep an eye on for updates throughout the year.

Image Source: Giant Bomb

Information Source: Giant Bomb and Game Pressure

Published Nov. 29th 2015

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