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Gears of War 4

Release Date: Q4 2016

Platforms: Xbox One

The fourth installment into the Gears of War series. Information is currently scarce on the title with the gameplay trailer not giving much into the game. In an interview with IGN in August, Rod Fergusson from The Coalition stated that he wants the game to invoke something a bit darker, more intriguing and a bit scary.

The story will feature younger, less battle-hardened protagonists JD and Kait. The game appears to be aiming for a more co-operative experience, where Fergusson says, "“Rather than follow those games (Gears 1-3), I’d rather lead by being true to what makes Gears, Gears. That’s why we’re going back to co-op, the two of you sharing that experience".

This new direction of the Gears of War series is certainly interesting and exciting. It is bringing something new and slightly different to what I felt was becoming rather stale. It's certainly a title to keep a very close eye on up to its release at the end of 2016.

Image Source: Gamespot

Information Source: OnlySP

Published Nov. 29th 2015

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