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Homefront: The Revolution

Release Date: Q1/Q2 2016

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One

Homefront: The Revolution is the sequel to FPS Homefront, released in 2012. The game will take place two years after the events of Homefront, and set in Philidelphia. Players will take on the role of Ethan "Birdy" Brady, as he stages a resistance movement against the army of a Korean invasion.

The game will be open world, allowing players to explore Philidelphia where they can wage guerrilla warfare to ambush, infiltrate and use hit and run tactics against their foe. Players will be able to build a resistance group by recruiting revolutionaries, making bases and safehouses, capturing and customising improvised weapons.

Despite the very much unstable development of the game and changing hands, it seems to now be well on its way to becoming a promising title. If the developers deliver on everything promised with this title, it could be something special. If you are looking for an FPS with bold and ambitious ideas and with a bit of difference, Homefront: The Revolution may be worth trying out in early 2016.

Image Source: Game Rant

Information Source: IGN

Published Nov. 29th 2015

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