Top 25 video games coming in 2016

LEGO Worlds

Release Date: 2016

Platforms: PC

Currently in Early Access, LEGO Worlds is planned for a full released sometime in 2016. Upon release, Minecraft was called the virtual LEGO. LEGO Worlds is essentially the LEGO version of Minecraft. After the success of Minecraft, it was only a certain amount of time before LEGO would create their own sandbox video game.

Players receive rewards for collecting objects spread across the map with "Studs" the in-game currency.The players can then build using what they have encountered. They can then create their world using predefined structures or building their own from scratch using the brick-by-brick editor tool.

Players can customise their characters appearance and outfits. A variety of vehicles such as helicopters and creatures are in the game and multiplayer. LEGO Worlds looks promising with colourful and beautiful graphics, plenty of content and the ability to build only limited by the imagination of the player. It is a game that will entertain for countless hours. If you are tired of playing Minecraft, Terraria or Starbound and want something different, LEGO Worlds, may be for you.

Image Source: Lego Worlds Gamepedia

Published Nov. 29th 2015

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