Guild Wars 2 announces World vs World Season 1

World vs World seasons puts EU and North American servers into leagues to fight for bigger prizes and more glory.

Starting on October 4th and running seven weeks through November 21st is a new initiative by ArenaNet called World vs World: Season 1.

Season 1 was announced at PAX Prime 2013 and means that servers will now competitively fight for not only glory and WvW rank, but also new achievements, a new title, and treasure chests with unknown items in the arena of player-versus-player action. Servers will be separated into leagues based on their current competitiveness and then will fight within those leagues of either nine or twelve worlds for seven weeks facing all similarly-ranked worlds.

Guild Wars 2's massive World vs World battle arenas have always been competitive. They are the large-scale player-versus-player arenas that developers described for years. They stay fresh with the balancing mechanisms like free teleporting when your server is losing, but the new leagues are meant to make WvW even more cutthroat.

You can read the specifics here, but I can assure you the zergs will be bigger and the keeps will be assaulted more often once people feel there is an "end" to their toiling conflict.

The best thing about World vs World Season 1 is that all players can re-spec their WvW ability points. This is especially powerful with the new ability trees that have recently been added.

If you want to be better at managing supplies or using trebuchets, WvW: Season 1's launch on October 4th will give you a new opportunity to be powerful. The stakes will certainly be high once players have new abilities and more to fight for. 


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Published Sep. 8th 2013

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