Sony Offering Replacements for Defective PlayStation 4 Consoles

Faulty PS4 owners can get a replacement for free from Sony themselves by contacting support.

The internet has been ablaze with fuss over the handful of PlayStation 4 consoles having issues on launch day and over the weekend. Sony is aware of the problem and is offering a solution to those affected: send the defective unit back in and receive a replacement.

A Sony Computer Entertainment America representative spoke with GameInformer yesterday, upping the previous estimated failure rate to 1% (from the previous 0.4% stated over the weekend) and letting disappointed PlayStation 4 owners know they can send their defective consoles back to Sony for an immediate replacement, sent via expedited shipping.

Those affected will have to contact Sony Computer Entertainment America support to begin the exchange. You can head to the official PlayStation site for live chat support between the hours of 6AM PST to 10AM PST, or call support at 1-800-345-SONY within the same business hours.

This whole situation has put a damper on an otherwise successful console launch, but luckily enough those who received faulty units have an official (and relatively speedy) option to turn to.

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Published Nov. 20th 2013
  • Samuel F
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    When I first heard the 0.4% I thought they were kidding themselves and expected to see it rise to 1-2%. At least they are tackling the issue head on without delay and they aren't alone with plenty of Xbox One problems.

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