Gift Guide: 9 Fragtastic Care Packages for Call of Duty Fans in 2017

ASTRO Gaming A10 Headset -- Call of Duty 

Price: $64.99
Buy it on: Amazon

Finding a reliable gaming headset for console players can be a long, tough journey. There's a plethora of budget brands and models that just don't get the job the done -- and sifting through the detritus to find the headsets that are worthwhile can be a time-consuming process. 

Luckily, you can pretty much always count on ASTRO to bring the big guns. Outside of Turtle Beach, ASTRO is one of the best manufacturers of console headsets you can currently find. And the company's Call of Duty branded offering is no different.

Hearing your enemy before you see them -- or they see you -- is a huge advantage even in casual Call of Duty play. You can't rack up killstreaks and get care packages if you don't have the jump on your adversary. And with ASTRO's A10 Call of Duty headset, you can rest assured that you'll hear every movement two steps ahead. 

Not only is it comfortable for extended multiplayer frag fests, but it's used by pro CoD players the world over -- so it's well worth the $65 price tag this holiday season. 

Published Nov. 14th 2017

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