Destiny 2 Guide: Chroma Rush God Rolls and How to Get

This guide goes over how to get Destiny 2's new Chroma Rush and the perks to look for in a god roll.

The Chroma Rush, the Season of the Splicer’s new Auto Rifle in Destiny 2, is one of the best entries into the weapon class in a while. It’s not hard to come by, as you can farm for it either in the Override activity or, more specifically, out of a Focused Umbral Engram.

This guide will go over the best ways to get your hands on the Chroma Rush as well as its god rolls for PvE and PvP.

Destiny 2: How to Get the Chroma Rush

Three primary loot sources yield a Chroma Rush:

  • The Conflux Chest at the end of the Override activity
  • Splicer Servitor rewards packages
  • Splicer Captain’s Armory Focused Umbral Engram

The Safe Harbor Seasonal Challenge also guarantees a single randomly rolled Chroma Rush.

The Conflux Chest in Override contains all the seasonal gear: armor and weapons alike. There’s a slight chance to get the Chroma Rush there, but don’t count on it. You’ll want to still do Override for the Decrypted Data and rolls on the other equipment, of course, so don’t give up on it just because it isn’t an immediate source of new Auto Rifles.

The Splicer Servitor reputation packages come from collecting Decrypted Data, and like the Conflux Chest, contain all the seasonal loot. The same rules apply.

Focusing an Umbral Engram with Splicer Captain’s Armory is your best bet at nabbing a god roll Chroma Rush.

To get this, you’ll need to get 1,000 kills between Auto Rifles and Breach-Loading Grenade Launchers. Once you’ve accomplished that, collect the associated Triumph, and you’ll be able to Focus any Umbral Engram to drop either the Chroma Rush or Ignition Code.

Beware that Captain’s Armory is a Tier 2 Focus, which means you’ll be spending 75 Decrypted Data for every roll, and you aren’t guaranteed a Chroma Rush. Nothing against the Ignition Code, but we’re looking for Auto Rifles here.

Destiny 2: Chroma Rush PvE God Rolls

For activities outside the Crucible, you’ll have a few options when it comes to Chroma Rush rolls. Your ideal sets are below:

  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling or Arrowhead Break. The former offers mild bonuses to Range, Handling, and Stability. The latter is all about the Reload stat with a side of Handling for quicker uptime.

  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds or Tactical Mag. The former offers a straight-up buff to the weapon’s range, which it sorely needs due to its high-fire rate archetype. The latter is an all-around good choice, offering Stability, Reload, and Magazine stat improvements.

  • Slot 3 Trait: Feeding Frenzy or Subsistence. The former makes the Chroma Rush’s reload all but instant at higher stacks. The latter ensures you can keep shooting without reloading, so long as you continue to kill trash mobs.

  • Slot 4 Trait: Rampage or Thresh. The former is a bonus to damage stacking up to three times and has been a staple on all kinds of weapons since D2’s launch. The latter is more situational, as it grants a small amount of Super energy on kills. The amount is negligible in PvP, but in high-enemy-density areas, it can shave precious seconds off your Super timer.

Destiny 2: Chroma Rush PvP God Rolls

When taking on other players with the Chroma Rush, you want to maximize its Range, Damage, and Stability, in that order. You should look for guns that roll with:

  • Barrel: As PvE

  • Magazine: As PvE

  • Slot 3 Trait: Heating Up or Dynamic Sway Reduction. The former makes follow-up kills easier by easing the gun’s recoil and improving both accuracy and stability. The latter makes it easy to maintain continuous fire and stay on target.

  • Slot 4 Trait: Kill Clip or Rampage. The former increases damage by a flat value that’s roughly equivalent to two stacks of Rampage. Again, Rampage increases damage up to three stacks, and at full power, outclasses Kill Clip by almost 10%. I prefer Kill Clip as it offers a little more comfort and convenience if you leave a fight weak but don’t want to worry about Rampage decaying.

With this all in mind, you should be able to get some god rolls on your Chroma Rush in Destiny 2. If you found this guide helpful, check out our other guides on the game.


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Published May. 26th 2021

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