Top Fan-Made Cards Against Humanity Creations

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Cards Against Humanity is a delightfully naughty game, which I frequently describe to people as "NC-17 Apples to Apples." Guaranteed to bring out the best possible kind of terrible among you and your friends, it will also make for several amusing Instagram uploads. 

The only problem with the game is when you play it too much. Batman's guilty pleasure, vehicular manslaughter, and Oprah crying into a Lean Cuisine have lost their lustre, and you need new terrible cards to add to your deck. Have no fear, there are plenty of fan-made Cards Against Humanities add-ons, and I'm here to share the best. 

Published May. 16th 2014
  • Laurie Neilsen
    I got a Cease & Desist email from the Cards Against Humanity people. Even though I wasn't directly selling the cards, I still had to take down the link to the cards you can buy. But I did make the downloadable ones in two sizes, so you can print out cards that are the same size as the regular ones. Thanks for featuring my cards! I really expected to be doing all of this without ever being noticed or regarded in any way.

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