Dead Cells, Curse Of The Gods Collide in a Crossover for the Ages

Dead Cells and Curse Of The Dead Gods team up for a crossover event with new curses, weapons, and more.

Remember when your favorite television shows would come together for a special episode? That's essentially what is happening between Motion Twin's Dead Cells and Passtech Games' Curse Of The Dead Gods in their newly announced crossover event titled Curse Of The Dead Cells

The event is out now via a free update to Curse Of The Dead Gods across all console platforms and PC. The update features three new weapons, a new curse, and a new kind of challenge room, all of which take their inspiration from Dead Cells.

There is also a new two-handed weapon style and more new curses not yet specified in the announcement regarding the event, so players will have more surprises to discover in the update next week. 

The Dead Cells content in question is a new curse called Curse of the Headless, which increases player speed as they take more damage with a visual nod to the main character of Dead Cells. The new weapons are the Sword of Conjunctivitis, the Crossbow of the Condemned, and the Broadsword of the Knight, each of which is emblematic of their Dead Cells counterparts. 

The new challenge room is perhaps the most interesting, where players will be able to find Dead Cells cursed chests that reward them with rare items if they are able to complete the challenge associated with them.

Not everything in the update is Dead Cells inspired, namely the new two-handed weapon style and more new curses that also arrived with the update. In any case, it's more content given to players at no additional cost which is always a good thing. 

The update arrives a week from today but until then, for more on Curse Of The Dead Gods, you can check out our review of it here.


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Published Apr. 14th 2021

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