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Why is The Walking Dead so bad?

One of the worst games I have ever played? The Walking Dead. It was just not my type of game. They could have done so much more with it and it makes me sad to see such an amazing T.V. series have their game be thrown out like I have. I love the series. The Walking Dead on AMC. But, when it comes to games the Developer and Publisher Telltale Games could have done a lot more.

When you turn on the game it looks great, but after you start playing, the control scheme and the way you play is barely under your control. It is more linear than most other games. If they loosened it to where you could make some mistakes that could affect you later, it would make the game much more appealing.

My Stats for The Walking Dead

Graphics: If it were a better graphics engine to begin with the game could have been a lot more fun, intuitive, and interesting.

Audio: When it comes to audio, the recording is fantastic. It makes the game better knowing that the audio was very professionally done. 

Replay Value: I might play the game once every couple of months when I am extremely bored of Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War, and Battlefield.

Overall: The game wasn't terrible, but it does make it into my top five for least favorite games. 

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Why is The Walking Dead so bad?


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Published May. 31st 2013
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    lol Well it's definitely good that you started it off with "it's not my type of game" because that's basically all it is.

    I don't tend to like point and click adventure games either but this one blew my mind. I played the demo on PS3 and was ready to buy it right away. I loved the way the story was told and i really liked the controls of the interaction. What I didn't like was the lack of interaction.

    It's a beautifully told story tho and I love the graphics style. =)

    Right after playing this I bought the Back To The Future game because it's also by Telltate, I couldn't stand it. =p I plan to return to it and give it another go but I just thought it was insanely boring and I was a huge fan of the movies.

    The story of The Walking Dead is what had me hooked. It's an interactive comic book.
    And guess what else? I had never ever seen the show or read the books before playing the game! Now I've watched the show and love it thanks to this game. haha

    I don't blame you for not liking it.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I agree, one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. It's the perfect interactive story. I don't really think any other game has even come close to how well they did.

    There is some potential of replay value too because you can make different decisions that result in different outcomes. I guess not any where near the amount of effect of, say, Mass Effect.
  • McLain Anderson
    I agree with you as well Roth. I do think though that there were a few other games that did notably well concerning the "interactive" story element: The Witcher 2 and Dragon Age 2 to name off a few. But I still think the Walking Dead reigns supreme :)
  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    It sounds more like this game simply is not your genre of preference. Telltale's take on The Walking Dead is easily one of the most emotionally engaging gaming experiences I've ever encountered. It is linear, but that is a facet of the adventure genre, not the game itself.

    The graphics are designed to be reminiscent of the comics, which they do remarkably well. Characters who actually appear in the comics are very easily recognizable.

    Replay value is, admittedly, not the game's strong suit, but such is also a problem fairly endemic of the genre itself. Specifically for a game of this genre, the replay value is quite good, with the hint that the choices made during this game will actually come back and be relevant in the sequel Telltale is currently working on.

    Still, this game is more about the story and emotion than it is about gameplay. The interactive sequences are mostly puzzle-solving, with the closest thing to the action games you have listed as your regular fare being little more than quick-time events.

    Calling The Walking Dead Quick-Time Event: The Game is a fair assessment, but I still contend that it is done remarkably well.
  • Smoky Grey
    Featured Correspondent
    totally agree, walking dead was the best game i played last year.
  • Max Jay
    Featured Columnist
    It was kind of hard for me to read this as I loved this game so much.... It hurt my soul.

    The game was actually based on the comic books (which came before the T.V. series). The two have similar settings, but are largely different in tone. This is partially why the graphics looked the way they did. Telltale decided to use the cell-shading method to mimic the look of a comic book.

    I will give you that the bugs and hitches are pretty obnoxious, and all too common with Telltale games.

    But give the comic books a read and maybe try the game again. You may find that you have a different opinion when it fleshes out characters in a slightly different way.
  • Branden Sumerix
    I was always told it was based off of the T.V. show. Thanks for making that noticed now. It makes a lot more sense now haha. I still wish that it had a little better movement and graphics. Thanks Max!
  • Max Jay
    Featured Columnist
    No problem!

    The game based after the show is The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Unfortunately, it's supposed to be next-level terrible.

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