Humble Bundle Goes Daily For Two Weeks

The game bundling site Humble Bundles is now offering daily bundles for the next two weeks!

The site Humble Bundle makes bundles of games and sells them each week. However, for the next two weeks they are pushing our daily bundles which work a little differently than their standard weekly bundles. For $1 you get the first game in the bundle, if you beat the average bid for the games, you get the second game as well, and if you pay at least a certain varying amount then you get the bundle. Check out Humble Bundle here.

How Humble Bundle Works

The site normally has a weekly bundle and you have all week to bid on the bundle and see how much money the site makes. The money goes to the developers unless you specify that you'd rather pay as a donation. When you make a purchase on the site you decide how much of your money goes to the developers of the game and how much goes to charity. It's a really cool way to give back through video games. 

Daily Bundles

Today's bundle features the games above. You can get all three games for $10, and for $1 you can buy X3: Terran Conflict, the first game of the bundle. If you are interested in the deals I highly recommend signing up for their email alerts so you can catch all of the daily deals!

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Published May. 14th 2014

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