Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind Introduces Customizable Combat, Data Greetings

Whether you want more control over how you fight or you just wanna chill and make a Kingdom Hearts 3 photo album, Re:Mind has something for you.

Square Enix recently lifted the lid on some new Kingdom Hearts Re:Mind news. A fresh information page for the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC expansion shows off some just-for-fun modes, along with options that let you customize your battle experience as you see fit.

The update is only on the Square Enix JP website, though Gematsu translated the screenshots and accompanying text blurbs.

First up is the Premium Menu. This screen hosts PRO Codes, a shmancy term for additional features you can toggle on or off, and ones that have a pretty significant impact on Re:Mind's battles. It's like Dragon Quest XI's Draconian Quest; for example, you can set it so Sora and other party members can't cast Cure, Team Attacks can be disabled, and Form Changes can be turned off.

Apart from that, Re:Mind is getting a fun little snapshot mode. You can choose specific characters, backgrounds, expressions, and poses, then snap a shot known as a Data Greeting. Stuff these into an album, set unique background music for each, and you've got a custom Kingdom Hearts slideshow unlike any other.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind releases for PlayStation 4 on January 23 and Xbox One on February 25. We quite liked Kingdom Hearts 3 and we're looking forward to the expansion quite a bit, actually. We'll have our review for the DLC up shortly after the PS4 launch date, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC news as it develops.


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Published Jan. 20th 2020

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