New DJ Max title announced for PS4

The music rhythm game series, DJMax, will be making their console debut with on the PlayStation 4 in 2017.

Recently, DJMax Respect was announced for the PlayStation 4 console at a PlayStation Developers Conference held in South Korea. DJ Max Respect is set for release in January 2017 for South Korea.

The DJMax series is a set of rhythm games that were established in 2004 by South Korean developer Pentavision Studio (now part of Gameon Studio). The initial title was an online beta test, and the series then had regular releases on the PSP. Published by NeowizGames, the series has seen releases for mobile devices, arcade, and PlayStation Vita. The music of the series is created by local DJs, artists, and Japanese contributing composers as well.

The franchise has gone on to be recognized by fans and critics for featuring some of the most demanding music rhythm titles.

DJMax Respect will be the first release on a home console. The latest game will feature songs from the series, and familiar modes as well.

An international release hasn't been announced but is expected. 


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Published May. 11th 2016

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